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Because Riding is Better Than Studying!

A Little Bit About Us

Our club was founded as a way for Queen’s students to partake in the equestrian sport while bonding with like-minded individuals.

Our mission from the very start has been to provide a safe, engaging and welcoming environment to all Queen’s students who are interested in the Equestrian sport. “We want to get more and more students involved in the club, whether they know how to ride or not,” explains Colby, club treasurer.

A rider for nearly 10 years, Colby says being with horses is a fantastic way for overwhelmed students to de-stress and re-charge. “It’s so therapeutic,” she says. “It’s such a great outlet for anxiety.”

Don’t have any experience? Lack equipment? Don’t worry – QEC has you covered. All you need to have is a love of horses.

The Purpose

The purpose of the club is to provide an opportunity for Queen’s students to partake in the Equestrian sport while bonding with like-minded individuals in the Queen’s community, which aligns with the club mission: The Queen’s Equestrian Club’s mission is to provide a safe, engaging and welcoming environment to all Queen’s students who are interested in the Equestrian sport. .

The recreational stream promotes the participation of those without any prior experience or knowledge requirements. Our goal is to connect like-minded individuals and allow them to embrace their interest and passion towards horses.

Benefits of participation in our club include, but are not limited to no prior experience required, a way to de-stress from school, bonding with animals which is said to be therapeutic, and it is a form of physical activity.

The Details

A club for all equestrians within Queen’s University!

NO experience or equipment required. ALL ages and levels welcome!

1) Beginner Beginner (never been on a horse, maybe once on a beach in Jamaica…)
2) Beginner/Intermediate (know the basics, taken brief lessons, walk, trot)
3) Intermediate (walk, trot, canter, beginning to jump small cross rails)
4) Intermediate/Advanced (walk, trot, canter, jumps under 2’6)
5) Advanced (walk, trot, canter, jumping over 2’6-3′)

Registration begins in September and in early January for a 7 week session of lessons with a two week make-up lesson period at the end for $250. Each lesson is an hour in length. Lessons cancelled Oct 5-7 thanksgiving and 25-28 reading week.

Club Leaders


Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: A Message from QEC

Whether you’ve been riding your entire life, or are entirely new to the sport, we’d love you to join and become part of our supportive and fun club.

You don’t need any experience or equipment; just the desire to ride.

You’ll be grouped with other members who have the same level and availability as you, and get seven lessons, per semester, at DreamCatcher Farm— which is just minutes from Kingston! — for only $250.

We’ve found that riding is a great way to relax. We know firsthand how student life gets the best of us sometimes! But when you’re with a horse, stress seems to just melt away. For the rider in you, register today. We can’t wait to get to know you!


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